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Force of will Grand Prix! June 3rd and 4th!!

IT is time again for another online Grand Prix!!

This is a Wanderer event, and you MUST have the physical cards to play in the event.
Entry promo for all players!
This will be held on discord and will have easy access command prompts for judge calls, and a specific set of rules to be announced very shortly that revolve around game play when playing over web cam. If you do not think you have enough equipment for the set up, remember you can simply make a second account for your phone, and use it as a webcam!
We will be running an event on June 3rd and the top 8 finishing out the event on the 4th!
Top 8 players will also get Gold Uber Promo Excalibur Chronogear, and top 3 getting Gold, silver, and bronze Aristella AND excalibur chronogear AND  an exculsive Force of Will Art book!!!
The top 48 will also get FIVE additional promos!!
Fiethsing 100 years wizardry
Lucifer defeated one winged
Titor emissary of the future
Isis heat of the sand
Mistletien of the dark sword
and top 64 players will all get an additional promo of Geryon!!
ALL entrants will get a promo Fallen angel of fiery vengeance, and BOTH June monthly Promos (TBA)!!
Entry fee for the event will be $35.
The official discord channel is:
We are sorry to say, but this event is only for players located in the United States.
We are sorry about this but we need to do this at this point in time.